On me

Hola! My name is Winser. Thanks for dropping by.

Winser, the Kwon Traveler
Winser’s motto

You might want to know who this Winser guy is, no? Well, I am going to tell you anyway.

It all started 27 years ago, what? Too far back? All right, all right. In 2016, I, Winser (Duh), joined my country’s army’s Taekwondo team, why? Because it is one of my goals to become a competent Taekwondo fighter, hence that’s pretty much my best shot at achieving that goal.

”Winser, what does any of this have to do with traveling, tourism or vacations?”

I am glad you are interested.

Therefore, I will let you know that my home country is the Dominican Republic, the heart of the Caribbean (according to me) and a top destination for anyone who has ever dreamed about vacationing in paradise (according to everyone). On top of all that, my current goal will help me travel all around my country in order to face the best Taekwondo fighters in my weight division.

”Is that it, Winser?”

Hold on your horses! There is still more. I majored in hospitality management, so I know my way around the travel business.

On top of all that, I strive to become the best travel industry-oriented digital marketer of the Caribbean or, at the very least, one of the best.

Am I really planning to achieve all that?

I know that it seems like no one should attempt to pursue goals as unrelated as tourism, martial arts, and digital marketing, however, with an imagination as wild as mine, anything is possible. Anyhow, what is the worst that could happen? Either I will fail horribly at attempting to achieve all my goals or I will barely achieve some of them. Who knows? From this point on, only time can tell whether I will get as far as I am striving to or not.

While I still have more things to tell you about myself, telling you everything would spoil the fun. Therefore, join me in what I can assure you will be one hell of a brawl… Did I say brawl? I meant adventure!