“V Samaná”, the most enjoyable adults only experience of the Caribbean

I was lucky to be born in the Caribbean, a place where, with the right mindset, you can always feel like you are on a perpetual vacation. This is why I want to take you on a journey that I hope you enjoy. This journey will take you to Samaná, Dominican Repúblic, a province that is almost legendary due to its breathtaking beaches and its unbelievably friendly people, this is the place that fate chose to be home for V Samaná, an adults-only, all-inclusive resort that managed to seduce my senses.

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Welcome, curious travelers (Bienvenidos, よこそう, 歡迎)

Hello, world. My name is Winser and I am striving to share some exciting traveling recommendations with you. I live in the Dominican Republic, an island that I like to consider the heart of the Caribbean. I advise you to be careful because if you keep reading my articles, you might end up learning why is it that this mere 48,442 km² of paradise, will make you fantasize about visiting it for the rest of your life.